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Mesa living mosquito guard various screen doors

Mesa living mosquito guard various screen doors

When the weather is nice, you, your children and pets want to be able to easily leave the house and go into the garden, without mosquitoes and flies being able to enter your house. Mesa Living now has the solution: the magnetic door screen. Very easy to install without tools. This way you will be safe from annoying insects next summer.


  • Easy mounting, with self-adhesive tape
  • You can walk through it easily and hands-free
  • Opens immediately
  • Snaps closed magnetically
  • Fresh air in, all the dirty animals out
  • Quick installation: no tools required
  • Fits single doors, sliding doors, etc.
  • Ideal for pets

Item numbers:

800023 Butterfly

800.024 Silver/Flower

800.025 Black

800.032 Flower

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